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IPDEC Institute

Before initiating the filing of the patent application, it is important to search the various available patent databases (national and international) for the state of the art of the technology. The prior search is important not only to verify possible conflicts with requests from third parties, but also to have a survey on research trends in a given area of ​​knowledge. Through the previous search, the duplication of research (and human and material efforts) on a certain area already explored is avoided. It is also an important instrument to be used before starting the research itself, considering that patent documents are today the largest source of technological information available. The previous search can be carried out in the following ways:

Single Search – Performed by the interested party directly on the INPI page or in the INPI patent bank, upon payment of a fee, valid for up to five days of consultations.

Isolated Search – In this case, the research is carried out by INPI technicians, at the request of the client. It comprises the payment of a preliminary fee to define the scope of the research. After delimiting the scope, a budget is prepared to be submitted to the client for appreciation. Upon acceptance, a search for a specialized INPI technician is carried out, generating a report with a survey of the state of the art in the desired area.

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