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What We Do

We promote actions guided by the relationship with companies private sector, public sector and science and technology institutions, stimulating the development of strategic partnerships for the pure, applied research and the transfer of knowledge,
promoting the development of cooperative R&D projects and the search for technological solutions.

We encourage researchers in prospecting opportunities for research development, as well as the issemination and management of intellectual property through support in the preparation of patent applications, registration of software and other forms of intellectual property, technology transfer and in the elaboration of R&D agreements and contracts.

We promote the strengthening of R&D activities with the public and private sector, encouraging the carrying out of joint projects and the articulation of partnerships with development agencies, entrepreneurial capital investors, always with the aim of generating results through pure/applied research, development of processes/products and technical consulting/assistance.

Pure & Applied Research

Pure or basic research consists of carrying out theoretical or experimental work, whose main purpose is the acquisition of new knowledge about the fundamentals of phenomena and observable facts, with no particular objective of application or use.

Applied research, in turn, consists of carrying out original work with the purpose of acquiring new knowledge, but primarily directed towards a specific purpose or practical objective.

Whether pure or applied research, IPDEC has the following programs:

  • Scientific Network: offers young researchers the opportunity to engage in an immersive environment, exchange and national and international cooperation on topics of mutual interest led and organized by a senior researcher.
  • Advance Program: encourages newly graduated researchers to mature and open up possible lines of research and consequently achieve independence in their scientific careers, giving them the opportunity to lead their own research groups.

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Processes and Products

We develop diagnostic work, problem solutions and recommendations aimed at the implementation, optimization, quality improvement, productivity and sustainability of processes and products. Tests, advanced characterization techniques, process and product simulations are available as support tools for carrying out these activities.

We work with prototyping to demonstrate technical, functional and design features, which, when put into operation, allow the visualization of results before the product or process is launched on the market.

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Technical Consultancy

IPDEC acts as an articulating institution between the demands of the productive sector and the application of academic knowledge and constantly monitors opportunities for the application of knowledge for the benefit of society.

This action, as a bridge between the demands of the productive sector and the application of academic knowledge, qualifies IPDEC in identifying opportunities and competencies for the development of the following consultancies:

  • Survey of Opportunities
    IPDEC maps initiatives for the development of projects in the social, cultural, educational, scientific and/or technological areas.
  • Skills Identification
    It seeks to identify competences, aiming to meet the demands for the development of new products and services.
  • Identification of Financing Sources and Lines
    It acts in the identification of possible sources and lines of eligible financing to enable projects demanded by public and private institutions.

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