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Participation in SEMINFO 2019

IPDEC participated in the 2019 edition of SEMINFO, The Informatics Week 2019 (SEMINFO), an event promoted by: Institute of Computing (IComp), Cunhantã Digital, Academic Center of the Computer Science Course (CACi.Com), Academic Center of Software Engineering (CAESoft), Academic Center of Computer Engineering (CAECom) and Pet Computation, aims to bring together professors, researchers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and students from different areas, interested in issues related to Computing in its scientific challenges and technological. SEMINFO is an event for the dissemination and exchange of experiences, promoting the integration of high school students, university students, teachers and computing professionals through lectures and short courses.

On the occasion, the IPDEC Software Engineer, Leonardo Guimarães, presented the topic “Indoor location at the Manaus Digital Hub Fair”. Experience extracted from the DIGITAL POLO FAIR OF MANAUS, which took place between October 15th and 17th, 2019 at Studio 5.

In the presentation, it was demonstrated how the preparation for the implementation of a localization system in a fair environment was carried out, including the challenges, what went well, what went wrong and what could be improved.

Below is the presentation used in the lecture: